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London Football Camp

London, United Kingdom
9 - 18 February, 2024

Live like a Pro Player

At All-Round Academy, our football camps are designed to help you achieve your goals through personalised coaching sessions with Premier League Academy Coaches and other experts in the game. Not only will you improve your technical skills in small group training, and game-like scenarios, you'll also develop your tactical understanding, physical fitness and mental resilience.  This makes All-Round camps ideal for any youth player. 
Train with top European & English Academy Coaches
Learn from expert coaches with years of playing and coaching experience at the highest levels. Through their pro insights and training methods, you will see rapid improvements in your game.
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Showcase your skills in front of coaches & scouts
Train and play in front of scouts. We will do our best to help you with our network of coaches & scouts who have connections to clubs all over England and Europe.
Personal evaluation to boost your future progress
Receive a personal assessment of your skills across technique, tactics, fitness and mentality. Based on this, you can design your custom training plan after the camp.

Meet your Coaches

Learn from the best!
All our coaches are former professional players who know what it takes to succeed.


At All-Round, our philosophy is that sports and education can be mutually reinforcing.

Our Football Camps give you the opportunity to live and train like a Pro. They are an ideal choice if you're dreaming of becoming a professional player or if you just want to improve your skills.

All our football camps have a clear focus on sports, but they also include educational elements, whether that's mentality masterclasses, English language courses or advice on school/university pathways.

Coaching Philosophy

At All-Round Academy, our football camps are based on four key areas of development. 


Improve your technical skills with the ball, such as dribbling, passing, finishing, touch & control.



Develop your tactical understanding of the game to improve your decision-making on the pitch



Increase your physical performance, in terms of agility,  endurance, speed, explosiveness and strength. 



Increase your confidence and perseverance, learn about attitude and how to deal with set-backs.

Camp Package

The All-Round Academy camp experience includes...
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Professional football

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 14_edited.jpg

Fitness trainings & other sports

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 14.22.25.png

Tactics & Mentality masterclasses

Screenshot 2022-08-25 at 14.24.38.png

Nutrition masterclasses
& healthy food

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Accommodation with breakfast, lunch & dinner

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Personal Assessment Report

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Option to add Education Package:
English Language & university application support from Oxford Graduate
  • English language classes

  • CV & Cover Letter support

  • Oxford & Cambridge application support from Oxford graduate

The Facilities

Live, train and immerse yourself in a professional environment with all the support you need.

Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre London

Bisham Village, Marlow Rd, Bisham, SL7 1RR, United Kingdom

Top-class facility with a UEFA standard 3G artificial grass pitch that is also used by Premier League teams such as Manchester United as well as other Pro Clubs.

The venue also features a
state of the art gym and plenty of green space for various sports activities.

It is the
perfect camp environment!

Camp Schedule

Each camp follows a professionally designed schedule that is filled with training on and off the pitch, recovery sessions, masterclasses and time for you to spend with your teammates.
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Reserve your Spot

London Football Camp (half-term)

9 - 18 February, 2024

10 days


   £300 Early Bird Discount   


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