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Spiele Fußball,
lerne Englisch &
erlebe England

Spiele Fußball,
lerne Englisch &
erlebe England

Our purpose is to maximise young people's potential in football and education. Through a disruptive methodology, we help our students & athletes develop 'life success skills' to win in life, preparing them for a professional football career or a world-class university. 

Boarding School

Choose between a focus on football or education. Designed to help students aged 13 - 18 prepare for a professional football career or world-class university.

Football Camps

Intense football camps for ages 13 - 18 aimed to help players & students improve tremendously in short amount of time. Train like a pro + play in front of scouts.

Online Coaching

1-on-1 coaching & mentoring by a former professional footballer and Oxford Graduate on football career, education, nutrition and mentality.

Spiele Fußball,
lerne Englisch &
erlebe England

At All-Round, our philosophy is that sports and education can be mutually reinforcing.

❝Normally, especially in Europe and Asia, you always have to choose: either sports OR education. The All-Round Academy creates environments where you can do BOTH. Of course with different priorities - to match the talents and ambitions of students.❞
Thomas Achtel, Founder & CEO of All-Round

Want to become a Pro Footballer?
The All-Round Academy will maximise your chances of going Pro and also make sure you have an appropriate education as back-up.

Want to get into a world class university and have a great career?
The All-Round Academy will supercharge your academic performance and also teach you important 'life success skills' through sport: discipline, commitment, dealing with pressure, and more.  

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